SP Tut

Résumé / commentaire :
Map pour aider les mappeurs voulant faire une map 'Single Player' pour RTCW. La map montre des actions de base.
Le .zip contient les fichiers élémentaires comme un .ai pour l'intelligence artificielle, les fichiers .aas indispensables pour les SP_map.
Lisez les notices et faites nous de bonnes missions !

  Extrait :
This is a very small tutorial map that shows the basics of single player mapping for RTCW.
The player enters the map, walks down a hallway, around a corner and passes through an entity known as an ai_trigger. This entity is targeted to a section of the player portion of the ai-script file called "action1". Action1 causes an ai_soldier named nazi1 to spawn on the other side of the door at the end of the hallway, walk through the door and attack the player using" trigger charge" in the nazi1 section of the ai-script file. In order for nazi1 to use the door, you have to put entities called trigger_aidoor in the map, targeted to the door with ai_marker entities in turn targeted to the trigger_aidoor entities. Upon "enemysight", the trigger "music1" is activated to change the backround music.
After successfully dispatching nazi1 and sending him to that great biergarten in the sky, the player walks through the door and passes through another ai_trigger named "action2". Action2 spawns nazi2 and activates nazi2's "trigger charge" to make him run to a series of entities called ai_markers and wait for the player to arrive. At nazi2's "death" section of the script, player" action3" is activated causing nazi3 to spawn, run through a series of markers and mount the machine gun.
After each nazi is killed, a section of the player portion of the ai-script is activated to update his mission objectives. Killing nazi1 triggers player "obj1" which tells the game that 1 of the three objectives has been completed, the same happens with nazi2 and nazi3, triggering player "obj2" and "obj3".
At the opposite side of the room there is a box which contains an ai_trigger called "endmap" which causes the level to end if all the objectives have been met and changes to the next level, in this case the Chateau map from the official game, just to demonstrate this.

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sptut1 (139Ko)

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Infos :
Auteur : Lefthandblack
Date de sortie : 21 février 2002