* Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Minimizer v0.14 *


* Author: _=[Paladin]=_Compholio[WAP] *

* Download: http://www.compholio.com/etmin/ *

* Feedback: http://www.compholio.com/feedback.php *


-v0.14 Changes

By request the default minimization key has been changed to CTRL+Z, this can be changed in the manner specified in the v0.13 changes.
The W:ET Minimizer also now features the ability to re-maximize W:ET by holding down CTRL+SHIFT+Z(1) and does NOT ALLOW the user to maximize W:ET by clicking it in the taskbar. This feature was implemented to protect the user from corrupting the game resolution when the game

uses a different size of screen than the desktop. This was not an issue before because the minimizer did not record your resolution, the only resolution that was used was the game resolution. Now the minimizer records your desktop and game screen resolutions and switches between them appropriately when you minimize or maximize the game.

(1) Replace "Z" with whatever alphanumeric character is in the minkey.cfg file. This function means that in both the maximize and minimize functions the character used is the one placed in the config file minkey.cfg, the only difference is whether you must press SHIFT.

-v0.13 Changes

*Actually appropriately labeled version number.

*Added check to make sure custom program is not already running.

The W:ET Minimizer now features the ability to customize slightly the minimize key. Edit the file minkey.cfg (which is included in the ZIP file) and place the letter or number you like as the first character in that file, the minimize code will be CTRL+. The W:ET Minimizer also now has an autoconnect to W:ET server feature by using the included file autoconnect.cfg (the example connects to Clan Paladin's W:ET server). The first and only line of this file is the server you would like to connect to in the format :. Debug code added to functions when loading programs, if you recieve a message formatted like this:
Unable to load W:ET, load it yourself! (Error Code )

Please send me the message using my feedback form!

-v0.12 Changes

The W:ET Minimizer now features an autoload external application function. Create a file in the same folder as etmin.exe that is named autoload.cfg (there is an example included in your minimizer ZIP file). The first line is the name of your application, the second line is the command-line to send the application, the third line is the title of the application (used to find the window), the fourth line is a 'force minimize' line - set to 1 to force the loaded applicationto be minimized or set to 0 to have it load at its default size, and the fifth line is the 'force to close' - set to 1 to force the loaded application to close once W:ET Minimizer closes.

-v0.11 Changes

If W:ET Minimizer is exited and restarted while W:ET is still running it will not attempt to open W:ET again. Do NOT load two session of W:ET, it will cause the graphics of the first one to go crazy.

-Loading W:ET Minimizer
W:ET Minimizer must be loaded BEFORE W:ET, the minimizer will wait until W:ET loads to find the handle to the W:ET window. As a bonus, W:ET Minimizer will attempt to start W:ET when loaded, it will tell you to do it yourself if it cannot. Let me know how this works! I've only tested it on XP but the API calls should work on any Windows OS.

-Using W:ET Minimizer

I didn't put in a way to customize the keystroke yet, ask me if you want this (or anything else) to happen. Keystroke CTRL+Q closes the program safely (unregisters keystroke, should cause no problems to force it to quit by going CTRL+C with the prog open).Keystroke CTRL+M minimizes W:ET. To maximize W:ET again click the W:ET icon in your taskbar, this will re-initialize the DirectX engine. CTRL+Q is designed for an ingame minimizer exit, the minimizer should exit automatically when W:ET closes.

-The Console Window

Because it's easier for me there is currently no GUI, shoot me a message with my feedback form if you want a GUI or some other feature. The form is located at:


I'm NOT responsible if this program screws up your computer.

I believe this program works effectively and minimizes W:ETcorrectly with no side effects, and if it doesn't work withyour computer setup I'm sorry. Feel free to contact me via the feedback form and I'll try and fix whatever is broken, but there are no guarantees.